Become a Contributor

Have you ever wanted to write for prestigious entertainment publications such as Rolling Stone? US? Entertainment Weekly?

Are you looking to gain reputation as a journalist or contributor?

Are you looking to supplement your income or make money from home?

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the above questions, then this opportunity may be for you, continue reading below:

IndieSpark is an online entertainment publication that was created with the independent creative in mind. The main purpose of the publication is to give independent creatives (artist, filmmakers, musicians, authors, podcasters, etc) a platform in which they could get their works of art out to the world without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so. IndieSpark has their own studios for live recording sessions, broadcast, and much more, so the publication will be built off of a wide variety of text based content on their online website as well as exclusive video content created in the studio.

In a world already heavily saturated with writers and editors, getting a foot in the door for any writing related field can be incredibly difficult. IndieSpark is offering authors, journalists, publishers, and editors a chance to be published on our website as a contributor. This opportunity provides valuable experience, exposure, and of course a share in the revenue! This is a PERFECT way to earn supplemental income while sitting at home.

Contributors will receive 60% of ANY revenue their content generates. In addition to helping create content for the website, you may be interested in helping write some content for exclusive video series and shows that air exclusively through IndieSpark, giving you more opportunities to earn residual income.

Contributors get a chance to write on topics/articles that will be shared with millions of individuals around the world as well as get to choose which topics they write about. Not only do our contributors get to choose their topics, we also provide each of our contributors with their very own “Blog” or “Corner” per say. This  way they can engage directly with their fans, followers, and keep their readers up to date with things that are happening in their life, allowing them to have their own voice and platform to connect with thousands of individuals, 100% free to them.

Opportunity Description

Contributors will be responsible for producing content for the IndieSpark website (, weekly, or monthly. Contributors can produce as much or as little content as they would like, the workload is up to the contributor, and may be changed at any time. A brief bio tailored by the contributor will appear at the end of each post. Only a handful of contributors will be allowed to take advantage of this opportunity. As such, those interested should apply immediately!

Earning Money

The main source of revenue for IndieSpark comes in the form of advertisements, with things such as Google Adsense, Banner Ads, Sponsorships, etc. Revenue is linked directly to an individual piece of content (article, blog post, photo, video, etc) which is able to be tracked by our dashboard. Each contributor will earn 60% of ANY and ALL revenue that their content generates.

In addition to the direct revenue sharing model that is guaranteed to all contributors, IndieSpark may pay out performance bonuses to any and all contributors who are actively writing for the publication. These bonuses would be determined by the overall profitability of the publication.

Payment for the entire month will be delivered no later than the 25th of the following month, and an earnings statement will be provided during the first week of that month.


This publication/opportunity is a new and growing publication, writers should understand that it will take some time (months) to get the publication to a place where it is earning any type of notable revenue. The more articles the site publishes the quicker it will reach that point of earning this type of revenue. So we want all publishers to understand that until we are in a position where we are able to post daily articles, it may not generate a huge income.

Contributors are 100% free to write on any topics they would like to write on, however we do have a very good understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will provide keywords and topics that are promised to drive more traffic to the website, but contributors are NOT required to choose them.

Job Requirements

  • Contributors MUST have a good grasp on the English language
  • Publishers must have Facebook Messenger
  • Publishers MUST have an Email Address for communication
  • Publisher must be willing to get a 1099 at the end  of the year (if over $600 is earned)

Other Opportunities

As the publication continues to grow, there will become more opportunities such as hosting interviews, your own video segments, and eventually “live on location” paid journalism/interview style position covering large events. Also, as the publication grows we will be looking to possibly select a certain number of contributors to become more of a salary style position for the publication.

Please note that the last opportunity is a point in which we hoping the publication grows to, so it could be some time before we are at that capacity, however, opportunities for these positions will go to contributors who have been with the publication the longest.

If you are interested in this position, please send in an email to [email protected] with your name, location, experience and any sample/portfolio of your work.