Roger Adams


As a true American Country Music Singer, Roger Adams has a style that’s fills the void that has been missing in country music for decades. A smooth “Golden Voice” that can capture your attention and the grit of a country classic, Adams has the ability to engage with an audience with his voice and songwriting skills like no other in years. A true patriot, Roger Adams starts many of his shows with the National Anthem and has performed this song for special engagements many times. Most recently for the FBI Alumni Association in Norfolk, VA.

Artist Information

Hometown: Virgina Beach, VA
Genre: Country
Label: Independent
Currently Resides In: Virgina Beach, VA / Nashville, TN
Influences: Jerry Reed, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark

Upcoming Events

Feb 10, 2024 | FBI Gala | Norfolk, VA | Purchase Tickets
Feb 22, 2024 | Wesminster Canterbury | Virgina Beach, VA | Purchase Tickets
Feb 24, 2024 | PBR Championship | Hampton, VA | Purchase Tickets
Sep 14, 2024 | Tennessee River Jamboree | Nashville, TN | Purchase Tickets

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