Dean Weston – New Music Video “Maybe This Time”


“Maybe This Time” is a fresh, modern, country-rock video from Australian singer/songwriter, Dean Weston.

Dean Weston is a country/rock music recording artist from Australia and based in NSW. Dean has been involved in the music industry as a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist and has worked in various bands and projects over the years encompassing rock, country and pop music. He has played many shows and has performed with and supported other artists including Tania Kernaghan, Shannon Noll and Beccy Cole. Dean has also won a songwriting award from ABC Radio Australia.

With the release of the new EP you will be sure to hear the new songs on his tour of live shows, on the radio, streaming services or from purchase of the CD or digital download. The new songs are a mix of styles from upbeat country/rock to pop/rock, and range in delivery from emotional drama to straight ahead feel good sing alongs. Uplifting choruses, catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies fill each track. While Dean’s vocal is showcased, the excellent production on the recording highlights the the performances of the great musicians in the band as well.

You will get fresh modern country rock from Dean, but you can also expect a classic influence from the great music of the past decades. With the many influences from classic to contemporary that go into Dean’s music, it follows that his songs can relate to many people, making them a popular style while staying true to his brand of sound. He writes about universal subjects of love and relationships, but also has songs that contain personal reflections and observations from a man making his way in the world.

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