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Hunter Lyons Sits Down with IndieSpark


It was a pleasure to have Hunter Lyons in the IndieSpark studio earlier this year. He sat down with our host Ronnie L. Cleary to discuss his musical past as well as what he has coming up .

Hunter grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania which is where his musical journey began. He followed in his fathers footsteps and learned to play the guitar at a very early age and by high school was going to his first ever concerts which is sort of when his life began to change and he realized that music is where he wanted to push his life.

The small town Hunter grew up in didn’t offer very many opportunities when it came to the music world, so when Hunter turned 21 he decided to make the move to Nashville, TN to pursue his musical career.

Since making that move Lyons has been working with many artist and other musicians to find his sound and develop his career even further. Hunter just released his very first EP titled “Trust in a Stranger”.

We were excited to hear a bit off that EP and the meaning behind the inspiration for this EP here at IndieSpark, however, to hear those details, make sure you watch the full interview on the Official IndieSpark YouTube page:

Make sure you go and support Hunter Lyons by checking out his website https://hunterlyonsmusic.com/ and stream/download his latest EP and check out where you can find him live during his next live show!

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