In the Studio Interview | Larysa Jay


Earlier this month we had the privilege of having country music star Larysa Jaye in the studio to do a one-on-one interview. Larysa sat down with IndieSpark host Brooke Summers to talk a little bit about her life, what brought her to Nashville and most importantly her career and her music.

We even got the opportunity to have Larysa perform a little live version of her song “No Other Face Like Mine” which was amazing. “No Other Face Like Mine” will be on Larysa’s upcoming album set to drop soon.

You can check out her website at for information on when her album will be releasing as well as where to catch her at next.

If you’re more into social media, here are some of Larysa’s social media links as well to stay in touch with her and see what is going on with her music:

Facebook =
Instagram =

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