Introducing The Turnback and “Broken String Guitar”


“Broken String Guitar” is a true-to-life reflection that, as we get older, we start to realize that the dreams of where we wanted to be, and where we ended up, sometimes never meet.

In 2006, founding member Todd Giglio was given an idea to turn one of his songs into a music video that turned into an 87 minute award-winning indie feature film called Drawing with Chalk (written, directed and starring Todd along with college friend and brother-in-law Christopher Springer as well as Todd’s oldest son, Brennan, and Miss India USA actress Pooja Kumar) with The Turnback providing the soundtrack (original members included Todd Giglio, Kenny Sherman, and Barry Nagel).  The debut album, Drawn In Chalk, received many accolades and encouraged their sophomore release Are We There Yet?  The band continued with a 3rd album as well as numerous music videos and singles.

After the pandemic, it became increasingly difficult to work as a band due to location of the members and finding time but Todd continued to craft new songs with the help of Kenny.  Drawing from his earliest memories of music (Lee Hazlewood, Conway Twitty, Henson Cargill) Todd wrote the band’s newest single, “Broken String Guitar”, as a way of being honest with himself.

Todd filmed the music video in his childhood hometown and includes his youngest son, Jaidan, and his father, Mike (all playing different phases of Todd’s life).

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