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HENDERSONVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES AT JUST LOVE COFFEE CAFÉ, MARCH 16, 2024. To The East from the South presents a musical night event created by Kayden Gordon-radio show host, promoter, and songwriter, Mary Elizabeth Jackson-radio talk show hostess, author, special needs advocate, songwriter, and Sisters J manager and Beth Holli- singer/songwriter. Hosted by Just Love Coffee Café this special event featuring eighteen singer-songwriters from eight states, all coming together to share their love of music and support Autismtn and Awareness. This initiative aims to raise awareness about autism and support programs, individuals, and families affected by the condition. By bringing talented musicians from various locations, the event not only showcases their artistry but also promotes a sense of community and inclusivity.

The benefit concert organized by To the East from the South and hosted by Just Love Coffee Cafe at 117 Saundersville Rd. Hendersonville, Tn. serves as a platform to spread love and understanding for those living with autism. Through music and collaboration, the event fosters a supportive environment where people can come together to celebrate differences and promote acceptance. By shining a spotlight on autism awareness, the cafe and the participating artists are helping to create a more compassionate and inclusive society for individuals with autism and their loved ones.

“The artists wanted to give back to the community and join in being a part of bettering the world.” -Kayden Gordon.

This free event is March 16, 2024. Singer/songwriters will begin at 6:30pm and go till 11:00 pm, each performing a ten-minute show. In lieu of tickets the artists are asking for a love donation to support this endeavor. The musical night will be live in person and virtual. Come join us for the whole time or for however long you can.

You can donate by texting “EastFromSouth” to 41444 or click here

Watch live here: and,

Come out, listen to amazing talent, and support a great cause. By supporting events like the one hosted by To the East from the South and Just Love Coffee Cafe, we can all play a role in promoting autism awareness and acceptance.

“Through music, art, and community engagement, we can build a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their differences. Let’s join hands in spreading love, understanding, and support for individuals with autism and their families.”-Mary Elizabeth Jackson

For more information contact

Mary Elizabeth Jackson at 615=504-9091

Kayden Gordon at 978-577-8410

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