Sit Down with Naughty Input


J.D. (lead guitarist) and Chelsea, front woman of Naughty Input came by the IndieSpark studio and sit down with our host Rena MacMonegle to talk a bit about what they have going on as far as a band and how they are fitting into the Nashville music scene.

Naughty Input is a female fronted metal/rock band based out of Nashville, TN. Many people tend to think that Nashville is only for country music, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. During this interview we learn a bit about how the rock music scene is developing and emerging in the Nashville area.

Naughty Input is very active and keeping busy despite the push back that Covid has had on many musical artist and bands. Naughty Input has been playing shows all throughout the Southeast as well as releasing new music.

The female fronted rock band just released a single called “Self Destruct” and shot a live music video performance of it as well.

You can check out more about Naughty Input by going to their official website

Don’t forget to check out the full interview with Chelsea and JD on the official IndieSpark YouTube page.

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