5 Celebrities Who Are Taking a Stand Against Injustice


Having social media platforms with millions of followers, celebrities have the potential to be some of the most influential people of our generation. In response to the upsetting death of George Floyd, people around the globe have taken a stance against racial injustice. Some celebrities have shied away from activism, while others have bravely used their platform to speak on the inequalities:

John Boyega

Known for his role in the Star Wars reboot, the England-born actor took an active stance in the Black Lives Matter protests. In Hyde Park in London, dressed in all black with a microphone, Boyega was seen broadcasting words of support and calls of worldwide change. Videos of his emotionally fueled speeches flooded the Internet with the support of his fans.

Though Boyega worries he may lose his job because of his activism, he continues to fight against racial injustice.


The American singer and songwriter Halsey has been seen protesting on the frontlines in Los Angeles. Images of the 25-year-old “You should be sad” singer went viral on social media recently when she was photographed giving first aid to an injured protestor on June 3rd. She’s spoken powerfully about the violence that’s been happening across America.

Halsey is known for donating to worthy causes in the past, recently having made headlines for gifting 100,000 masks to hospitals. Since then, she has advertised and donated to different bail organizations for protestors arrested during protests.

Lil Nas X

Initially quiet on the Black Lives Matter protests, rapper Lil Nas X has been a powerful voice on social media. After apologizing to his fans on Twitter for not using his platform to speak about the injustices, the “Old Town Road” rapper/singer feared that these situations have “become so normalized that even [he became] numb to police brutality towards black people.”

Most recently criticizing the #BlackOutTuesday trend on Instagram, Lil Nas X has been urging fans to donate to different funds and to sign important petitions.

The Weeknd

Singer Abel Tesfaye, professionally known as The Weeknd, has not been the most vocal on the protests, but he has definitely made waves in the fight against racial injustice. Donating a total of $500,000 to several organizations for racial equality, the four-time Grammy award winner calls on others to make large donations to support the black community.

The Weeknd also addressed heads of the music industry saying, “no one profits off of black music more than the labels and streaming services,” urging them for support.

Selena Gomez

At nearly 180 million followers on Instagram, singer Selena Gomez is allowing black leaders to take over her Instagram page in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign. Her page is one of the most followed on Instagram. Gomez believes that her massive following would benefit more from “black voices” instead of her own.

The former Disney star also shut down her website on June 2nd calling for fans to support the movement.

Celebrities often face scrutiny and backlash over everything they do. Some shy away from the most controversial matters to protect their social image, but these celebrities put that fear to the side. They bravely took a stand against racial inequality and will continue to fight regardless of the repercussions they may face.

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