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Douglas Riley – Artist Spotlight


On a typical night, Douglas Riley can often be found wooing the crowds in the popular Honky Tonks in Tennessee and Kentucky. With his deep, traditional country voice, mixed with his creative songwriting skills and a touch of southern rock, his music is sure to give off a vibe for having a good time. Perhaps Riley draws on his past experiences to write a great song. His journey sounds like a country song itself. His career quite literally came to a crossroads, when after a gig one night, he had to decide to either take the highway north to return home to Indiana, or go south and pursue his dreams in Nashville. At the last minute, he went south, and the rest is history.

When listening to Riley’s music, you can hear a traditional country sound, with southern rock influences. His deep country voice paired with southern rock style guitar riffs make for an interesting, yet desirable combination, often times reminding you of 90’s style country . Riley is an artist that prides himself on being an experienced songwriter, writing all the songs on his album “ A Love Like That.”

Douglas Riley music video “Home Bar” currently on YouTube.

Douglas Riley’s newest song, “If It Wasn’t for A Love Song,” was released at the beginning of 2023. The song shows off his songwriting skills and combines Riley’s deep country voice with memorable guitar moments. “If It Wasn’t For A Love Song,” also pays homage to some of the most well-known love songs across multiple music genres. With this newest release, Douglas Riley fans definitely can look forward to hearing much more from him.

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