Hip Hop Singers & College? – 4 Artist Who earned a Degree


What is the difference between hip hop singers, pop singers and country music singers besides the genre of music they perform?

Most people would automatically say something about their character such as one is more educated or sophisticated than the other simply based on the genre of music. Many people believe that hip hop singers or hip-hop artist are uneducated, have terrible personalities or lack respect simply based on the lyrics or music they perform.

Well guess what people, that is 100% false! Just because someone chooses to become a hip hop singer or hip-hop artist doesn’t defy them as a person, it just simply means that is the genre of music they most closely relate to. There are several hip hop singers and hip-hop artist who have earned college degrees including some PHD’s and here are just a few of them!


Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris) is a man of many surprises and talents depending upon your age. You may know him for his dirty south sound with hits including “Act a Fool”, “What’s your Fantasy” or “Move B—h”, however if you’re a bit younger you may know him for his roles in the “Fast and the Furious” movie franchise. Either way, Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris) is one of many hip hop singers who have accomplished living a life in the entertainment spotlight while also obtaining a college degree.

Chris Bridge graduated from Georgia State University in 1999 with a degree in music management. Since then Ludacris has went on to win multiple Screen Actor Guild and Academy Awards in the film industry, launch Disturbing tha Peace his very own music label as well as perform many #1 hip-hop songs that we still enjoy today. Ludacris is more than just a hip-hop singer or hip-hop artist; he is a multitalented and educated individual.

  • Net Worth = $30 Million Dollars
  • Years Active = 1998 – Present
  • Industries = Film, TV, Music and Business Ownership
  • Education = Georgie State University, 1999, Music Management


Our previous hip hop singer or hip-hop artist may be a bit old school for some of you reading this article considering they came out in the 90’s, however, this next hip-hop artist launched her career in 2016. Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper (aka Saweetie) launched her career with her first ever single “Icy Girl” in 2016, where she was then signed by Artistry Worldwide, which is a subsidiary of Warner Records.

Many people know Saweetie as the hip-hop artist who sings popular rap songs such as “Icy”, “My Type”, and “Tap In”, however there is quite a bit more to Diamanté (aka Saweetie) that people don’t know about. Saweetie has also done work in the film/tv industry on shows such as “Wild ‘n Out” and “Cooking with Paris”. However, one of the main things people fail to realize about Saweetie is she graduated from The University of Southern California in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

So, before you immediately lump all hip-hop singers and hip-hop artist into the single group of uneducated just because their genre choice, think again!

  • Net Worth = $4 Million Dollars
  • Years Active = 2016 – Present
  • Industries = Film/TV and Music
  • Education = University of Southern California, 2016, Communication

LL Cool J

I don’t care what genre of music you listen to; everyone has heard of LL Cool J. James Todd Smith (aka LL Cool J) was born in in Baby Shore, NY on January 14, 1968. Since then LL Cool J has went on to be one of the most known hip hop singers / hip-hop artist on the planet, with multiple music awards as well as multiple appearances in film and popular TV shows.

Most people know LL Cool J for his famous song “Mama Said Knock You Out”, however he has won multiple awards for other songs including, “Hey Lover” and “Bigger and Deffer”. In addition to his many musical achievements James Todd Smith (aka LL Cool J)  has starred in many films and TV shows, actually too many to name, but here are just some of the more popular ones, “Halloween: H20”, “House”, “NCIS” and “SWAT”.

What does LL Cool J have in common with the others on this list?  Well, James Todd Smith graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in America, Northeastern University. Not only did LL Cool J graduated from this prestigious college but he also graduated with honors in 2014.

  • Net Worth = $120 Million
  • Years Active = 1984 – Present
  • Industries = Film, TV, Music and Business Ownership
  • Education = Northeastern University, 2014, Doctorate of Arts

Megan Thee Stallion

Wait, you didn’t think we would get to the end of the list and not include “Tha Hottie” herself did you? Megan Jovon Ruth Pete (aka Megan Thee Stallion) is one of fastest growing hip hop singers / hip-hop artist currently in the genre. Megan was born on February 15, 1995 in San Antonia, Texas, to her mother Holly Thomas who was a hip-hop singer/artist in Houston.

Megan Thee Stallion has been a large successful sensation in the current hip hop genre. Many people criticize her music because of her explicit lyrics and suggestive word play, however many people love her because of her uniqueness. Not only has she caught the attention of the media because of those previous mentioned subjects, but Megan is extremely intelligent and educated, she is one of the first hip hop singer / artist to talk about how she is extremely focused on her education.

Her famous line of “2021 Finna graduate college” from her popular song “Thot S—T” is just one of the many lines she incorporates into her music talking about her education and furthering her career. Megan graduated from Texas Southern in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in health administration.

  • Net Worth = $8 Million Dollars
  • Years Active = 2016 – Present
  • Industries = Music & Health
  • Education = Texas Southern, 2021, Health Administration

So, please remember just because you don’t like the hip-hop genre or believe that the lyrics don’t fit up to your standard, please don’t group all hip hop singers or hip-hop artist into a group or category. Country music has acoustic guitars and love songs, rock/metal have hard guitars and drums and hip hop has beats and sometimes explicit lyrics. They are nothing more than a musical composition just like all other genres and everyone is drawn to different styles of music.

Remember an individual should be defined by their individual characteristics and achievements, not put into groups or a perceived ideology.

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