Justin and Hailey Bieber have intruder on property.


Buying a home in a prestigious gated community is supposed to help give you a feeling of privacy and safety, or at least that is what Justin and Hailey Bieber thought. However, that wasn’t the case this past weekend.

While the couple was away, apparently a stranger decided they were going to trespass into the celebrity couple’s backyard and go looking around. The Hollywood couple’s security team quickly chased the intruder out, but not before they could detain them.

The intruder was spotted “hanging out by the bbq” area of the couple’s home. The police were called, and Biebers security team approached the intruder, however as they approached, the intruder jumped a fence and quickly disappeared into the neighborhood.

This isn’t the first time that Justin or Hailey Bieber had an unwelcomed guest in their midst. Back in 2019 a woman claims she “accidently” stumbled into Justin Bieber’s hotel room. The woman was partying at the same hotel as Bieber and had already been asked to leave the hotel earlier in the day before stumbling into Justin’s hotel room later that evening.

Yeah, it seems that the crazy intruders and trespassers seem to gravitate toward the Biebers, maybe they should just buy a private remote island somewhere so they can finally have some privacy?

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