6 Cool Movie Theatres in the United States


The United States is known for their amazing films, but what about their movie theatres? Believe it or not, there are some cool movie theatres all over the great USA. All the way from California to New York, there are fun theatres new and old. These theatres are the perfect settings for date nights, family outings, or personal adventures.

TLC Chinese Theatre

Located in Los Angeles, this theatre is decorated with Chinese artifacts such as temple bells, pagodas, and stone Heaven Dogs. It had its opening in 1927, and since then there has been many premieres of the biggest shows. This theatre also features its Forecourt to the Stars, where celebrities like Marilyn Monroe leave an imprint to leave a lasting presence.

Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

This cool movie theater is in San Francisco. Owned by the same group as the Sundance Festival, it plays countless indie movies for their audiences as well as blockbusters. This theatre attracts others due to its reserved seating and ad free films. On the third floor Balcony Bar, you can enjoy cocktails and trade candy for the Mediterranean plate of hummus and baba ganoush.

Tampa Theatre

Designed by famous architect John Eberson in 1926, this theatre is gorgeous addition to the Tamps, Florida area. The theatre shows new and classic films. Inside you can find a Mediterranean courtyard with flowers and gargoyles. If you come early, you can hear the Mighty Wurlitzer organ play before the shows.

AMC Empire 25

You think we could write a list of cool movie theatres without including New York? No way! AMC Empire 25 has 25 screens and dozens of escalators—that’s why they call it a giant multiplex. This theatre is in the middle of New York’s Time Square, so you can imagine how busy it is. To accommodate for its popularity, it has stadium seating so hundreds of people can enjoy its screenings.

Historic Artcraft Theatre

Here is another cool movie theatre built in the 1920’s. Built in Franklin, Indiana, this theatre was originally built as a vaudeville house and silent movie theatre. It is now run by Franklin Heritage Inc., a nonprofit historical preservation group. Here it mainly shows classic film, and it features a skit or classic cartoon at the beginning of every film.

Moolah Theatre and Lounge

This theatre used to be a historical building in St. Louis, Missouri, but it has been refurbished as a theatre. Although it is a single screen, is has stadium and balcony seats as well as couches and love seats in the front of the theatre. Want something fun to do after the movie? Moolah Theatre has a vintage styled eight-lane bowling alley in the basement.

These are just a few of the cool movie theatres the United States has to offer. Why not go on a road trip and visit some? You will get to experience diversity in the film industry such as current blockbusters, foreign films, indie films, and classic shows. Be sure to take pictures!

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