7 Facts About Walter White and Jesse Pinkman


Breaking Bad aired in January 2008 and has its finale in September 2013, and people are still going on about it. This show stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, playing a chemistry teacher trying to support his family. White also develops terminal lung cancer that worsens as the show progresses. In order to pay his medical bills and provide for his family, White becomes involved in Methamphetamine production. Because Walter White is a chemistry teacher, he concocts the purest meth Albuquerque, New Mexico has ever seen. With the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, White begins to build a criminal empire while using the pseudonym Heisenberg to cover his identity.

Walter White is Based off a Real Person

The real Walter White was a meth-making mastermind in Alabama. People said for 10 years he produced the purest meth, despite it not being blue like in the show. Similarly to Breaking Bad, this man fell apart from his wife and family.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are in every episode

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are the only characters that are in every episode out of the 62 episodes. Skylar, Hank, Marie, and Walter Jr. are listed as appearing in every episode, but only Walter and Jesse did.

Walter White Starts as a Protagonist and Ends as an Antagonist

Breaking Bad’s creator, Vince Gilligan, wanted his show to be a story of change. He was motivated to write a story about the main protagonist becoming the antagonist by the end of the show. Gilligan specifically said that he wanted to turn “a nerdy Mr. Chips type character and transform him into Scarface”.

George R.R. Martin Was Impressed by Walter White

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin was one of many celebrities that watched Breaking Bad. In 2013, he said that Walter White was a greater villain than any of the characters he had written.

Jesse Pinkman was Originally Set to be Killed Off

Walter White’s ex-student was almost killed off is season one in episode 9 that was never aired. This was due to the 2001-2008 Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike which caused the season to only be 7 episodes long.

jesse pinkman and walter white

Heisenberg is a Real Person

Walter White’s pseudonym is from a physicist from the 20th century, Werner Heisenberg. This scientist won the Nobel prize for developing the theory for quantum physics.

Walter White’s Iconic Hat Was Used to Avoid Sunburns

Walter White’s famous hat was not picked solely for its added effect. According to Vince Gulligan, it was added to protect actor Bryan Cranston from getting a sunburn on his freshly shaved head.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were obviously interesting characters that really brought their show together. Breaking Bad has won 92 awards, and its star has won 3 consecutive Emmys for his role. He is the first actor in a cable series to win 3 Emmys in a row.

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