• Episode 1 - Pilot

    When symptoms Landon's rare brain disorder reappear, Mark and his wife debate what to do.

  • Episode 2 - Sephiri

    As Landon's condition worsens, Mark debates administering the cure, which could have deadly side effects.

  • Episode 3 - Hunger

    Officer Kevin Derringer receives a panicked call from his sister Elizabeth and rushes to her aid.

  • Episode 4 - Fourteen

    When the zombie outbreak hits the school, Jaden and Marie fight to reach their mothers and survive the encroaching apocalypse.

  • Tatum


When people don’t believe you, do you take matters into your own hands? Or do you simply just get lucky?

Cast: Rena MacMonegle, Chris Baker

Genre: Shorts, Thriller, Suspense

Maturity Rating: PG , implied situations – Parents strongly cautioned.

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