Jason Kelce Announces Retirement: A Tribute to an Eagles Legend


In a poignant and emotional moment, Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce officially announced his retirement from professional football. After 13 remarkable seasons with the Eagles, Kelce delivered a nearly 45-minute retirement speech that left fans, teammates, and even opponents teary-eyed.

A Career Defined by Passion and Grit

Kelce’s journey began long before he donned the iconic midnight green jersey. As a 12-year-old, he stepped onto the field at Roxboro Middle School, the dew-covered grass beneath him, and felt the exhilaration that only football could provide. “Whenever I smell the clippings of freshly mowed grass,” Kelce reminisced, “I am brought back to that day.”

Football wasn’t just a game for Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelce; it was an all-encompassing passion. The intensity, camaraderie, and emotional feeling of stepping onto the field fueled his love for the sport. From Cleveland Heights High School to the University of Cincinnati, Kelce’s determination and work ethic propelled him forward. He walked on as a linebacker, unsure of what to expect, but football’s challenges only fueled his fire.

The Ankle Tape and a Sweet Farewell

During his retirement speech, Kelce’s ankles were taped, an amazing gesture by Eagles athletic trainer Joe O’Pella. O’Pella, has been battling cancer and was unable to tape Kelce’s ankles during his last game, so he took it upon himself to tape the legends ankles, one last time before he retired. It was a fitting tribute to a man who gave his all on the field and formed deep connections off it. As Kelce put it, “Football was hard, much harder than any sport I’ve ever played physically and mentally. But I loved the challenge—the joy of winning, the agony of defeat, the anxiety of the unknown.”

Kelce’s Words Echo Through the Halls of Lincoln Financial Field

Kelce’s retirement speech touched on gratitude, memories, and the bonds forged in battle. He thanked his high school coaches, band teacher, and mentors who shaped him into the player and person he became. Eagle’s coach Jeff Stoutland’s father’s wisdom—“More often than not, the easy way is the wrong way”—resonated with Kelce throughout his career.

As he stepped away from the game, Kelce’s voice cracked with emotion. “I love this city, these fans, and my teammates,” he declared. “The Philadelphia Eagles are more than a team; they’re a family.” His words echoed through the hallowed halls of Lincoln Financial Field, where he had given his heart and soul.

A Legacy Carved in Green and Silver

Kelce leaves behind a legacy etched in green and silver. His iconic Mummer’s Parade speech after the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory will forever be etched in Philadelphia lore. And now, his retirement speech joins those cherished moments—a heartfelt farewell from a warrior who bled green for the City of Brotherly Love.

But let’s not forget the woman who stood by his side throughout this journey—Kylie Kelce. Kylie, originally from the Philadelphia suburb of Narberth, met Jason at a bar in 2014. Despite Jason’s intoxicated state that night, their connection was undeniable. They officially tied the knot in 2018, a few years after that memorable evening following the Philadelphia Eagles’ Christmas party. Jason fondly recalls the moment Kylie walked in the door, an aura surrounding her. “Is this what love feels like?” he wondered.

Kylie Kelce, a field hockey athlete who attended Cabrini University, has been a pillar of support for Jason. She works with nonprofits, including the Eagles Autism Foundation. Her unwavering love and understanding have been Jason’s anchor, both on and off the field.

So, as the sun sets on Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce’s illustrious career, we raise our voices in unison: “Thank you, Jason! Fly high, Eagles legend!”

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